Mentorship Application for Writer

Tall Castle has optioned an uplifting story, based on true events, for production and is currently accepting applications for a writer mentee to work with experienced screenwriters and producers to develop the story into a full-length feature screenplay.

Applicants should have experience in writing feature screenplays (i.e., this should not be your first attempt) but should not have had a feature-length screenplay previously produced.  Responsibilities will include assisting in developing the story, drafting a screenplay, reviewing and incorporating notes, and rewriting –- all under deadline.

Please read the following carefully and apply only if you can meet all requirements:

  1. Submit a brief essay explaining your interest in the mentorship and why you believe you would be an asset to the project.
  2. Submit a full-length screenplay as an example of your work.
  3. Confirm your availability to work with the mentors over a several month period.  Please advise of any current or potential scheduling conflicts.
  4. Finalists will be given a copy of the story and be requested to pitch, and defend, their “take” on the story to film professionals.

There is no charge for applying or for the mentorship.  If the screenplay is green-lighted for production, then the mentee will receive a stipend and continue working with the producers, director and others to finalize the script and see it produced.

The movie will be made in the Dallas area. If you are not local to Dallas but want to work on our film, then you must cover all of your own travel and accommodations. No travel reimbursements will be made.

Application process is closed. Writer mentor has been selected.