What We’re About

Tall Castle EntertainmentTall Castle, Inc. is a professional production company. It acquires screenplays and produces motion pictures that inspire human potential, cultivate tolerance among different groups, and/or foster a belief in a higher power. We are a new kind of production company with a passionate commitment to making movies that teach a lesson. Scripts won’t necessarily follow the “Hollywood formula.”

As part of its mandate, Tall Castle will educate students of all ages in the art and craft of filmmaking. Every production will include crew positions for students who will work alongside industry veterans to gain real world experience in a professional setting.

Tall Castle is run by a Board of Directors with input from an Advisory Council. It has received its tax exempt status from the IRS pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This allows for tax deductible donations that will be used to produce motion pictures that meet Tall Castle’s criteria.

Finished films will be distributed through a variety of channels, both commercial and non-profit, with the revenues being circulated back to Tall Castle to continue with its mission.